1974​, Monterey Bay Native


I'm an artist of a variety of different media. My art inspiration came from my adolescent admiration of custom cars and the colorful lowrider culture. I recall being very young, perhaps in elementary, other kids would hound me to draw classic cars for them. I realized that at a young age I actually captured the art techniques of recognizing lines, shading and shapes in the subject matter I was drawing. Another artistic turning point in my life was when I would hang out at my friend’s older brother's auto body shop on Friday and Saturday nights. One night, I noticed that one of the painters was having difficulties laying on designs onto a customized car. I had been observant for so long and finally felt confident enough to take on custom painting. I asked the shop owner (my friends older brother) to let me have a shot. Several hours later... I officially painted custom designs on a car and applied them all freehand. This was my artistic confidence booster. I then came to realize that people actually admired the colors my hands would correlate together. Since then I have taken on different art forms. Every day above ground I live to polish up my skills in spray-painting, photography, and drawing on canvas and most of all drawing on live flesh…TATTOOING.


This website is mostly comprised of tattoos I have created. I take pride in considering myself to be very versatile tattoo artist. My versatility can be seen through out this website and the styles of tattoos shown include   traditional, neo-traditional, black & grey  realism portraits and cover ups. I hope you all enjoy viewing them as much as I  have enjoyed creating them.​

I am open to new artistic projects of all sorts. Please feel free to contact me any ideas, positive suggestions or QUOTES!
        ~Gabe Rodriguez~



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